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Automobile Accidents

There are many reasons why a car accident may occur.  Failure to obey a traffic sign or signal, failure to maintain a reasonably safe stopping distance, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, texting and driving, etc.  The key is to make sure that if you are involved in an accident to first get any emergency medical care if needed.  If you are able at the scene of the accident, first call the police and report the accident and your injuries.  Then preserve as much evidence as possible.  Take pictures of the vehicles involved as well as the accident scene.  Gather the contact information of the other parties involved including their insurance information.  If there are any witnesses to the accident or people who have come to your aid, remember to get their contact information as well.  Often times I hear from people that there were plenty of witnesses, but if we can’t find them, they are of no help to us.


After you received your emergent medical care and have reported the accident to the appropriate authorities, make sure you contact a good lawyer to represent you for your injuries and for the damage to your vehicle.  The sooner you contact such a lawyer, the better.  Your lawyer will want to make sure to do an investigation into the accident right away to gather as much evidence as possible.  The more time that passes, the more difficult the investigation can be.  Also, there are statutes of limitation that may come in to play.  You don’t want any delay in hiring a good lawyer to cost you the ability to recover for your damages.  Finally, that lawyer will be able to best advise you on how to make sure that every element of your claim is addressed, from the damage done to your vehicle and the loss of use of your vehicle while it is being repaired or replaced to your medical bills to any lost wages that you may incur.


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