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Motorcycle Accidents

Like automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents can happen for many reasons.  Unfortunately for those involved in motorcycle accidents, statistically speaking, the injuries suffered are often far more serious that the typical car accident.  Not only do these serious injuries cost more in medical bills, but they can result in a greater amount of lost wages and more frequently in permanent disabilities.  Sometimes, just like in car crashes, the victim of a motorcycle accident may not be able to work again.


If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will want to first make sure that you seek the appropriate emergent medical care.  Always put your health above all else.  If you are able at the scene of the accident, preserve as much evidence as possible.  Take pictures of the vehicles involved as well as the accident scene.  Gather the contact information of the other parties involved including their insurance information.  Call the police and report the accident.  If you are injured, make sure to report that to the police.


Hiring a good lawyer is extremely important.  Don’t rush to settlement.  Many insurance companies will try to make you a quick offer before you ever talk to an attorney.  They are doing so because in the long run it is much cheaper for them.  They know that many people are worried about their immediate financial needs, something to get them through the next month, without thinking about the long term effects their injuries could have not only on their health but on their finances.  Don’t talk to the insurance companies and don’t sign anything until you have consulted with a good lawyer.


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