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Slip and Falls

Premises liability cases and slip and fall cases involve injuries that happened due to some sort of negligence on the part of a property owner.  Common examples include leaving a freshly mopped tile floor without a caution sign, or failing to timely remove snow and ice from a parking lot or sidewalk, or improperly stacking merchandise in a store such that it falls onto a shopper.  There are many more examples.


It is important to immediately seek any emergent medical attention if you are injured on someone else’s property due to some sort of defective condition or negligence.  If you are able, report the injury right away to the property owner or manager.  Take pictures of the defective condition before it is remedied.  Get the names and contact information of any witnesses or people who came to your aid.  Last but not least, call a good lawyer.  Your lawyer will want to investigate this matter right away including trying to obtain or at least make sure that any video evidence is preserved.  Your lawyer will also advise you how to best make sure that all aspects of your claim are addressed.


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