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Wrongful Death

The hardest thing is to lose a loved one.  Losing a loved one suddenly to a trauma brought on by an accident is heartbreaking.   The heartbreak is not only due to the loss of the person whom they loved, but as time wears on, the heartbreak can include financial anxiety and devastation if the loved one was a financial contributor to the household or if the loved one’s contributions to the household have to now be replaced by hired help.  It’s both an emotional loss and a financial loss.


It is never easy to put a number on the value of someone’s life.  With respect to the “loss of society and companionship” or the emotional loss, the State of Wisconsin has capped that figure.  With respect to the financial loss, that is all dependent on the evidence that is presented.


For the family, pursuing a wrongful death claim is emotionally draining.  Don’t do that without the advice and representation of a good lawyer.  Dealing with the insurance companies on your own at such a fragile time will only result more emotional stress and confusion.  Hire a good lawyer to fight for both the emotional and financial aspects of a wrongful death claim.


At Krabbe Law Offices, LLC, we will respectfully handle your family’s wrongful death claim with the dignity and respect that you deserve.  Call today for a free consultation.